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Another Dropper Minecraft PE Bedrock Map, 1.8,

Another Dropper Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
You think that in Minecraft PE no more droppers that you wouldn't be able to pass? Then meet Another Dropper that can deliver you a lot of inconvenience!
Another Dropper Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
At first glance it may seem that the map is no different from other games in the same genre, and therefore not worth wasting your time on it. However, everything changes at the moment when you go to one of the levels.
Another Dropper Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
Usually in droppers you need to fall down and Dodge obstacles. Here the task is slightly modified, as you do not fall, and fly. At first it can be annoying, but believe me, it will give you lots of positive emotions!

Installation map (.mcworld)

  • Download .mcworld
  • Just open the file and the game itself will install all the necessary files
  • Launch Minecraft and find a map in the list of worlds
  • Run the map and enjoy it!

02 Feb 2018
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