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Abandoned Horror Mine Adventure Minecraft PE Map 1.11, 1.10.0,


Abandoned Horror Mine Minecraft PE Map
The impressions received from the Abandoned Mine Horror Map, make the majority of players for a few days to forget about diving into a mine in Minecraft PE.

It's more than a map is a neat interactive horror for Minecraft PE. There's even a story. In the 80-ies of this mine accident, which resulted in the death of the entire team of miners. For some strange reason, they all turned into something incomprehensible, they unable to find rest.
Abandoned Horror Mine Minecraft PE Map
Your adventure begins with you trying to leave, but suddenly falls asleep stones. The main task – to find a way to survive and not become gray in the process.
Abandoned Horror Mine Minecraft PE Map
Be warned that in this map for MCPE is prohibited to find workarounds or use cheats which, by the way, you will need to include. The author emphasizes that, for lack of lag and crashes, it is not necessary to use the custom resource packs, and most importantly - live. Good luck!

Install Abandoned Horror Mine Map

  • Download the map
  • Remove the map from the archive
  • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds"
  • Go in Minecraft PE > Play > Select the installed map
  • Enjoy the game!

08 Aug 2017
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