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How to make a vial in Minecraft PE?


When it comes to potions should not forget all the ingredients for the potions, but cooking rack and a bottle to store water or potions. If the components and brewing stand Minecraft user is informed, the procedure of Kraft bubble still unfamiliar to him.

Make a bubble for five minutes

As the basis of a glass bottle — hence it is necessary to manufacture glass. For Kraft bubble need three blocks of glass. So look for the sand and remelted it in the oven. The result — obtained glass block. This procedure is repeated three times melting. Next, open the workbench and have glass blocks in the shape of a bowl. It looks as follows:
— The cells of the first row is not filled;
— From the cells of the second row is filled with glass blocks only the first and last cell, the center remains empty.
— Cell of the third row you need to fill a glass block only the Central cell, the other two are left empty.

The result is the three vials that you can use in a scheduled procedure, the potions.

If you are not interested in the procedure of crafting and soul yearns for adventure — go on the hunt for a witch. It is defeating her, you can get a bottle as a trophy.

27 Dec 2015
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