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As in Minecreft PE neatly collect the treasure in the temple?


This guide was created for beginners. Here I will introduce You to the temples and tell them what to do, finding one of them in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

There are two types of temples. The first type is located in the desert, the second - in the jungle.

Let's start with the Sandstone temple. The first thing You should do is to go into it and find the main hall:

Break the blocks in the centre and jump down, or gently down, breaking some move.
Important! At the bottom You will have to wait for pressure plate, which in no event it is impossible to advance, break it!

That's about it. Can collect the treasure.

Another type of temple - a temple in the jungle.

On the one hand, here is a little easier. No pressure cooker here You will not wait. Here You will have to wait a puzzle that can either unravel or break.

One more thing - traps that shoot You with arrows. But this is not a problem, because the main thing is to break the thread, which is stretched across the floor.

That's about it. Again, collect the treasure.

27 Aug 2016
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