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Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition 0.15.3


The company Mojang once again, we are "encouraged" by the release of a new version of the game MCPE 0.15.3. This time we again get an updated version of the game without the expected innovations. Many of us are already underwater fortress, a portal to the Edge, colored beds and chests, but no.

All of this would not occur in versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.3! Download Minecraft PE 0.15.3 you're able in a few hours.

Company Mojang announced the release 0.15.3 for Minecraft PE Android, iOS and Windows Phone very soon. Maybe it will happen tonight or tomorrow. The exact date of the release of the new version, the developers did not specify, but they pointed out the cause of a new update.

The reason for the MCPE update to version 0.15.3 — bug fixing and tweaks. Anyway, you can upgrade it or not.

We would recommend of course updated to the latest version of the game because it will bring some comfort in terms of gameplay.

  • The design of the store has improved.
  • Fixed horse breeding.
  • A slight tweak of the mouse.

    Bug fixes
  • Pig zombies now have the proper texture when spawned in the desert.
  • Players can now scroll through the friends list in the Add Realm with a controller.
    Infernal brick fence now attaches to the wall with cobblestone.

  • 19 Jul 2016
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