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Download Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition 0.15.8, 0.15.7


Release Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.7 came to us quite unexpectedly! Just started beta testing the new Minecraft PE 0.16.0, and the developers release a new version of the game. Besides the old update — Minecraft PE 0.15.7. In Minecraft PE version 0.15.7 developers did some bug fixes. Who wants to can updated to the latest current version — 0.15.7, and those who are waiting for the release of MCPE 0.16.0 can continue to enjoy the beta version of this great version!

  • Fixes various bugs in the game.
  • Added texture pack.

    Held next update of Minecraft Pocket Edition. This time the game is updated to latest possible versions — Minecraft PE 0.15.8. The following versions of the chain is 0.15.x will not update because these versions came to an end, and has begun beta testing a new version of the game Minecraft PE 0.16.0!
    — What's new in Minecraft PE version 0.15.8? Is it worth it to download a new version of the game — MCPE 0.15.8?

    Update Minecraft PE 0.15.8 was released in order to improve game performance and correct. The game was discovered some small bugs that in some cases prevented to enjoy the game.

    But that's not the main reason for game updates. The reason we got the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.8 is add a new texture pack that you can buy in the online store minecraft, without leaving the game. New pocket texture not cheap, so it's your choice: to buy or not a new set of textures.

    Those who want to play with new and varied textures from Mojang — you can get these textures to store the texture packs. Shop texture packs you can navigate the main menu of the game.

    With regards to the bugs that were fixed in version Minecraft 0.15.8 — the list of fixed bugs haven't been formally introduced. Maybe a little later somewhere there will be information on what the bugs were discussed. But for now you can enjoy the new, optimized version of the game.

  • 01 Sep 2016
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