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Rainbow Lucky Block Addon For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Rainbow Lucky Block Addon is a mod that adds a Minecraft special blocks. If you destroy it, can happen anything. In our case block contains 40 chances to get something. You can drop some very rare weapons, tools, armor, or precious ore. If you are less lucky, then you will receive cheap construction materials, food and other non-sturdy armor and weapons.

How to get?
The lucky block can be found in the desert, because it will replace the desert zombies or if using eggs to spawn husks. Of course there is a small minus that in survival mode you'll have to go to the desert, but it's worth it to gather up a lot of useful things.

The author of the addon carefully balanced the chances of getting a simple and rare items, so you don't have to worry that it will greatly simplify the game.

Here's a list of all items that may fall out of lucky block's:

Install Rainbow Lucky Block Addon:
iOS / Android / Windows 10
  • Download this addon
  • Open these files (Are in zip archive) after download:
    Behavior.mcpack and Resource.mcpack
  • Open the MCPE
  • Create a new world or edit the existing
  • Select behavior-pack and resource-pack that you previously imported
  • Ready! Restart Minecraft PE and enjoy the game!

  • 03 Nov 2016
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